Dear god it’s been forever

To the few people who actually read this blog, I’m very sorry that there has been nothing since August. My first semester of college got in the way but now I am back and I hopefully I can update at least once a week.

Story Progress Update:

Bad News First

So it turns out finding a reliable artist is harder than you think. The one i was working with has dropped off the face of the earth since I last saw him in July. He took four of the drawings he had finished with him and they never got sent to me. I have tried to contact other artists through Facebook and Craigslist but I haven’t had anything substantial so far outside of a friend who is an art major.

Good News

I have decided to add more to the story, however these will not be about experiments done by Mengele. There two extra parts, just called the interludes are going to fill in gaps between Vivisection and Conjoined when Mengele was in prison, and Conjoined and Frostbite when he was on the run for murder.

I don’t want to give an estimated date for these but they will be around at some point in the next few months.